Bengals of Melbourne is a micro Bengal Cat breeder, this allows us to take the utmost care of our adult cats and kittens until they are ready for your home. We are registered breeders with The Australian National Cats Inc (ANCATS).


Our aim is to breed quality Bengal Cats who are happy, healthy and ready for your happy home. All of our cats are loved and raised in our home and have plenty of socialisation with our family, friends and children. 


The Bengal Cat is a beautiful exotic cross between a domestic queen and the wild Asian leopard cat. They are a most exciting breed of domestic cat, having been bred to resemble their wild ancestors, (and raise awareness about them) yet they possess a loving, friendly disposition equal to any other domestic cat. 


We think it’s important that our animals feel loved and are a part of the family surrounded by people who are good natured and who love and respect all animals, big or small.